We are here to promote a safe, fun learning environment for adult women hockey players new to the sport.

It takes a special person to learn a new sport as an adult. Ice hockey is the coolest game ever played. It is a sport that can be played your entire life and never be mastered.

Our goal is to promote and develop adult women’s hockey in a safe, supportive, positive way. Fun is first and foremost, and everyone has more fun when she is more competent. Learning skills becomes an accomplishment in itself. We call it the path to skill development, and once you are on it you can accomplish anything you are willing to work on.

Adult hockey is going to grow in unprecedented ways. Old guys talk about whom they used to play with and how good they used to be. Diva hockey players talk about how much they are learning, and they feel their best days of hockey are ahead of them. We hope to support the efforts of coaches and players to get back on track and have more fun playing hockey.

Get out and play.

“I’m hooked by the camaraderie, experience of learning something from zero, a fun way to exercise, and the wish to improve enough that I can try to be a part of a team. Thanks for all you do as a coach for the divas – my view of the contrast between ‘lifelong’ vs. team sports has been turned on its head.”
Alaska Diva
“I am in it for the fun and team spirit. . .the locker room is hilarious! Our coach has given me the skill and knowledge to improve, I still need a lot of practice to implement it. The team encouragement is heart warming and by the end of the scrimmage I feel like a hockey player!!  I love being an [Alaska] Diva.”
Alaska Diva
“While I’m still learning the basics, I’m especially excited to make plays with my teammates- I think I’m ready for…a bit of strategy!  Well, maybe I should work on patience or seeing the whole ice.  When I think about it, maybe I have a while to go before I reach the strategy milestone, but I’m super excited to get there someday…”
Alaska Diva