Adult Women’s Hockey hot spots


Mankato Womens Hockey
These ladies know what Diva hockey is all about!

Adult Womens Hockey in Minnesota
WHAM! These ladies have been doing the Diva-thang since the 70’s…


The New England Women’s Hockey League (NEWHL)
Well-coached Divas since the beginning of the millennium.

The Walpole Adult Women’s Hockey League (WAWHL)
The ladies of Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA.


Pittsburgh Women’s Hockey Resource
Here is a resource of Women’s Programs in the Pittsburgh Area…and an active Blog.


Michigan Senior Women’s Hockey League (MSWHL)
Starting with 4 teams 20-ish years ago the league now has 40 teams of Divas!


Women’s Association of Colorado Hockey
The largest women’s hockey association in the West.

If you have a program that you are proud of send us the link and we will promote your program.